Top Ten Birding Sites

We’ve consulted with local birders as well as area visitors to compile this list of hottest birding sites. We were searching for the ten best, but couldn’t limit it to just ten – thanks to your input! Let us know if you have a favorite site and we’ll expand this list.

  • Eagles – Maurice & Cohansey Rivers, Nantuxent Creek, Beaver Dam, Moores Beach, Stow Creek
  • Spring Migrants (including Warblers) & Passerines– Belle plain, Turkey Pt, Ackley Road
  • Shorebirds – Matts Landing/Heislerville, Moores Beach, East Point, Fortescue
  • Purple Martins – Mauricetown Bridge
  • Raptors – Newport Landing, Strawberry Avenue, Port Norris, Bayside, Turkey Point
  • Wading birds – Commercial Township Restoration Site, Heislerville (Matts Landing)
  • Owls – Money Island, Hansey Creek, Greenwich, Jones Island, Hunters Mill Road
  • Whippoorwills – Turkey Point
  • Summer & Scarlet Tanagers – Dividing Creek Road
  • Winter Ducks – Bay Point
  • Bluebirds & Swallows – Berrytown Road

Use our Birding on the Bayshore itinerary to visit most of the above sites in just a few days. Stay tuned for a map as well as additions to this list. See more wildlife on the Bayshore.