The NJ Delaware Bayshore is a rich place; i2003BayDay-ComFishingBobMunsont has acre after acre of wetlands that serve as a giant nursery to fish and  shellfish and all of the other creatures that make a productive estuarine ecosystem. It also has a cultural tradition of harvesting these resources thus supporting a diverse matrix of commercial fishermen, processors, packers, wholesalers and distributors.

The Delaware Bay produces oysters, crabs, clams, finfish and an abundance of Jersey Fresh seafood both wild and cultivated that rival any other region – check it out and ENJOY!!

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For the freshest seafood that the Delaware Bay has to offer check out the following retailers:

Bailey’s Seafood – 3531 New Jersey 47, Port Elizabeth, NJ 08348
(856) 825-2621

Jenkins Seafood – 38 Fortescue Rd, Newport, NJ 08345
(856) 447-4991