In The Uplands

The Bayshore’s surrounding upland areas provide fantastic walking, biking, riding and exploring opportunities during every season of the year. Be aware that many of the public lands open to hiking and exploring are also popular hunting grounds. Be sure that you take all necessary precautions during the hunting season, including wearing at least 200 square inches of hunter orange clothing.

All dogs must be leashed when walking in state Wildlife Management Areas outside of the defined hunting seasons, so as not to disturb nesting birds and newly-born deer and other animals.

While hunting is permitted on state lands during the defined seasons, and fishing is allowed year-round, private lands – including those held in the public trust by organizations such as The Nature Conservancy and The Natural Lands Trust – often require written permission or restrict these activities all together. Be sure to check out who manages a particular tract and what types of activities are allowed!

Always bring a compass, and let someone know where and when you plan to explore!

Birding and Wildlife

Some of the country’s best birding locations are found right here!

Great Hikes

Follow the link to our interactive adventure map for great hiking and exploring opportunities in the Bayshore uplands. Each of these recommended hikes is a favorite of a seasoned Bayshore explorer, and will include tips for optimal times, what to look for, what to bring and what to expect while in the field.

We also encourage everyone to submit their own favorite hikes and help us build a comprehensive list that covers the length and breadth of the bayshore through every season of the year.

When submitting a hike, please include the following details.

  • Location and directions to access
  • Difficulty level (easy, moderate or difficult)
  • Approximate length
  • Best times of day and year
  • Indicate any potential hazards on the trail
  • Tips on what to look for
  • A few pictures (if available)

To submit a hike or pictures, please email

Happy hiking!