“In the middle of the 19th century, Mauricetown was a prosperous shipping village. Hard against the west bank of the Maurice River, it was home to ships’ captains and their families, and the businesses that they operated.

They were well-traveled men, cultured, and often blessed with prosperity, and the homes they constructed reflected their success.”

Centuries later, the tiny hamlet still retains an amazing range of historic architecture including a Swedish log cabin built in the late 1600s, an abundance of Victorian Era homes, salt boxes, shotgun houses and everything in between. Well worth a drive through. Has a lovely waterfront park, excellent birding and a hidden lake with great bass.

Recently, a group of graduate students from the University of Delaware spent a week in Mauricetown documenting the historic architecture that the town is known for.

Interested visitors should contact the Mauricetown Historical Society for more information about events and attractions.